Best MacBook Air & MacBook Pro Stands to Buy in 2021

Having a MacBook stand is beneficial in many ways possible. It enhances the way you work on your laptop and helps in equalizing the height of you and your laptop. Working on a laptop while bending can be risky and painful for your back and open doors for back problems.  

A Macbook stand can help you to overcome this issue and also prevent your laptop from getting heated quickly. If your curiosity about buying a Macbook stand as increased but confused to choose the best stand for yourself, follow this article till the end. 

Best MacBook Stand in 2021

Best MacBook Stand in 2021 

Sr. No.Best MacBook StandsPrice
1.Tiny Tower Laptop Stand    Check Price On Amazon
2.Griffin Elevator Desktop Stand   Check Price On Amazon
3.Acko Aluminum Laptop Stand for MacBook    Check Price On Amazon
4.Twelve South HiRise    Check Price On Amazon
5.UPPERGO Aluminum Laptop Stand with Swivel   Check Price On Amazon
6.Roost Laptop Stand    Check Price On Amazon
7.TaoTronics Foldable Laptop Table Stand   Check Price On Amazon
8.IQunix Macbook stand   Check Price On Amazon
9.Vogek Macbook stand    Check Price On Amazon
10.Lention Laptop Stand   Check Price On Amazon

1. Tiny Tower Laptop Stand 

Tiny Tower Laptop Stand

Tiny tower laptop stand comes with adjustable height flexibility which makes it look more attractive. You can raise your MacBook from anywhere between 7 inches to 10.2 inches. The durability and premium quality aluminum alloy engineered with grade plastic makes it portable and lesser in weight.  

The height can be adjusted just by touching a button embedded on the stand, there are a total of 17 adjustable levels. You can even fold it and carry it to your workplace, school or where ever you want, the non-slip polymer won’t let your laptop slip or slide. 

The 4 cables are clipped neatly to the stand which won’t let your workplace look messy or cause trouble while adjusting the height. 

  • Portable and comfortable 
  • Premium quality build 
  • Integrated Cable Management 
  • 17 levels of height adjustment

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 2. Griffin Elevator Desktop Stand

Griffin Elevator Desktop Stand

Compatible with most of the MacBooks as well as the other laptops, Griffin Elevator desktop is made up of premium quality aluminum offering a secure handling and comfortable viewing experience for your laptop. Also, check out the best must have MacBook Accessories

You can raise the height of your Macbook to up to 5.5 inches so that you can keep your computer peripherals nicely on your computer table. The extra height lets your laptop stay cool because of 360-degree air circulation. 

  • Best Heat Dissipation 
  • Premium quality stand

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3. Acko Aluminum Laptop Stand for MacBook Acko Aluminum Laptop Stand Holder

Designed for Macbook and its lineup, Acko Aluminum laptop stand is built with a better quality of aluminum and is 3 mm thick. It offers a durable, reliable and perfect body design. Not only Macbooks, but Acko aluminum stand can also be used for iPads, the surface treatment is similar to that of Apple laptops and smartphones.  

The setup procedure is not complicated and it comes with an adjustable and compact profile. It is crafted for Macbooks of size 11 inches to 15 inches with anti-slip features and flexibility. The user can adjust the screen height as per his requirement, all thanks to the tilted neck. 

  • Light in weight 
  • Portable and flexible 
  • Easy to setup

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4. Twelve South HiRise 

Twelve South HiRise Stand For Macbook

Made up of brushed metal and rubber strips at the bottom, Twelve south HiRise is a sturdy and rigid MacBook stand. The stick rubber holds the laptop tightly, preventing it from slipping and sliding from the surface. 

There are 6 adjustable positions to choose from, all depends upon your comfort. Additionally, there is also a small room to store your computer peripherals which can save you a lot of desk space. You must also check out best cases for MacBook Pro

Its compatibility with every range of Macbook and Apple thunderbolt display makes it a versatile stand. Its spring-loaded stem makes it easier to adjust the stand for the best viewing experience. The Teflon rails at the bottom let the stand spin from one side to the other without leaving any scratches on your desk. 

  • Built-in desktop storage space 
  • Steel top with a leathering pad 
  • One stand, two looks

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 5. UPPERGO Aluminum Laptop Stand with Swivel

laptop stand for macbook pro

Made up of aluminum, the UPERGO laptop stand provides a better viewing experience and angle, helping you to adjust the laptop according to your requirement and relieve from back pain while working for a long period of time. 

Furthermore, there is a keyboard stash that consumes a little space by stashing the keyboard whenever you not using it. Talking about the dimensions, the UPERGO Aluminum stand is 10 x 6.6 x 6.6 inches and has a weight of 2.66 pounds. 

  • Stability  
  • Cooling functionality 
  • Easy cable management

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 6. Roost Laptop Stand

Roost MacBook Stand

One of the oldest models of laptop stands in the market which popularized during its launch in 2013. It has dimensions of 1.3 x 1.3 x 13 inches after folding it. It is durable and strong enough to hold your laptop, all thanks to the carbon fiber material build. Also, check out the best mouse for MacBook

Rubber fits are gripping that keeps the laptop in its position, and not to worry as the rubbers are soft and won’t damage the laptop. There are 3 levels of height adjustment, which is up to 12 inches, offering a better viewing experience. 

  • Highly adjustable for a better viewing experience 
  • Portable and can be folded easily 
  • Holding clips for better grip

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7. TaoTronics Foldable Laptop Table Stand

Macbook Stand For Bed

This is not an actual stand but a laptop table that can also be used as a Macbook stand and provide you a better viewing experience even when you on your bed or couch. You can place it on your laps and do your work conveniently. 

It is not heavy and wouldn’t tire your laps in the long run, instead, it will provide you better working experience with your Macbook. It measures around 24×13 inches and can be adjusted from 9.5 inches to 12.5 inches. 

  • Convenient to use 
  • Highly adjustable in height 
  • Can be used on beds and couches

8. IQunix Macbook stand

MacBook Pro Stand

Made up of aluminum, the IQunix MacBook stand is an ideal stand for your MacBook. It has soft cushiony pads inside that prevent your MacBook from any scratches and marks. A metal knob is added for making adjustments and making enough space for the laptop.  

  • Optimize Desktop Space 
  • Adjustable Size 
  • Durable and Stable

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9. Vogek Macbook stand 

Vogek Macbook stand 

Vogek Macbook stand is made up of premium quality aluminum and silicon feet offering great stability and grip. It is highly portable as it can be easily folded and weighs not more than 1.8 pounds. Vogek is a tilting laptop stand and its height can be easily adjusted. 

It is compatible with all notebooks that are less than 0.74 in thickness and with all notes that are launched after 2010. 

  • Adjustable in height 
  • Saves your desk space  
  • Reliable build quality

10. Lention Laptop Stand

Lention Laptop Stand for MacBook

Lention laptop stand is suitable for Macbook Air and Pro 13 and 15 inches both. You can also use it with iPad Pro 12.9 inches and some other laptop brands as well. 

You can easily raise the height of your laptop by 3 inches for a good view. The stand is made up of a single piece of aluminum panel and doesn’t let your laptop heat easily. Overall, it is good in terms of looks and durability. 

  • Don’t let your laptop get heated easily 
  • Sleek design and matching color  
  • Adjustable in height

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Final Words:

So, these were the 10 best MacBook stand you should look at before finalizing your purchase. A Macbook stand makes your workplace look neat and provides you better viewing experience. You won’t have to bend and work anymore.