Best MacBook Pro 13 Inch Case Reviewed In 2021

Best MacBook Pro 13 Inch Case Reviewed In 2021

MacBook is a beautiful machine, and there is no doubt about it. Hence, there are quite a lot of people who focus on protecting the laptop before even start using it. In case if you are one of such persons too and looking for the best MacBook Pro 13 inch case for your laptop. Then we are here to help you out.

The market is filled with quite a lot of Macbook pro case options, and choosing one of them is pretty tough. However, to help you out, we have handpicked a couple of the best MacBook Pro 13 inch cases of 2021. So you can easily pick the best sleeve for your Mac.

Best MacBook Pro 13 Inch Case in 2021


Best MacBook Pro 13 Inch Case in 2021

1. EooCoo MacBook Pro 13-inch Sleeve

EooCoo MacBook Pro 13-inch Sleeve

EooCoo MacBook Pro 13-inch Case is the best one that you can try out. It fits the regular and the touch bar MacBook variant. However, the case is not ideal for the MacBook Pro launched before 2016.

Talking about the case, well it comes with the shock-absorbing ridges which offer your MacBook ultimate protection. The case is easy to install, and the Apple logo shines through the case. It also comes with an anti-scratch protector that offers you 360° protection.

The case is fully vented for heat disbursement, and there is a rubberized corner stand located at the bottom panel. You also get easy access to all the ports, and you do not have to remove the case while charging.

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2. BRAECNstock MacBook Pro 13 Inch Case

bracenstock case for 13 inch macbook pro

The BRAECNstock MacBook Pro Case is another best case that you can try out. The case is pretty perfect for the Apple MacBook Pro 13 with/without Touch Bar and Touch ID A1706/1708 (2017 & 2016 Release).

The case comes with a professional design, and it is extremely easy to install and remove. All the MacBook ports are easily accessible, and you do not have to remove the case to plug in the charger.

It also has a folding stand which offers you a better fast cooling system and a better visual experience. The case also has two heavy-duty hard bumpers that protect your laptop from accidental drops, shocks or bends.

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3. NexCase MacBook Pro M1 2020 Case

nexacase macbook pro m1 case

Up next we have the NexCase MacBook Pro 13 Case. It is also the best MacBook Pro 13 Inch Case that you can try out. The case fits perfectly for the MacBook Pro M1 13 Inch (Compatible with A1466 / A1369, Version 2017/2016/2015/2014/2013/2012/2011/2010) models. However, if you have a MacBook with a retina display, you better avoid this option.

The case also offers shock-absorbing ridges that give you ultimate protection. The case also comes with easy to install and easy to remove process. Along with that, you will get an Anti-scratch protector for 360° protection.

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4. YMIX MacBook Pro Sleeve with Retina Display

YMIX MacBook Pro Sleeve with Retina Display

If you have a MacBook with Retina Display, then the YMIX MacBook Pro 13 inch Case can be a perfect option for you. However, if your MacBook has a CD Drive, then you should avoid it.

Talking about the case well it comes with a leather feeling top case and a bottom case with a rubber oil coating. The rubber texture is scratch, fingerprints, dust and slip-resistant. The bottom panel of the case is also vented and offers overall stability to your MacBook.

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5. KEC Laptop Case for MacBook Pro M1 13 inch

kec laptop case for macbook pro m1

In the end, we have the KEC Laptop Case for MacBook Pro 13 inches. It is also one of the best cases that you can try out. The case can easily fit MacBook Pro 13 Inch (2018 / 2017 / 2016, With or Without Touch Bar) models.

The case comes with a cutout design. As a result, you can easily access all the ports of your laptop. The case is made of hard shell plastic which has a layer of Rubber Oil Paint. This offers you a Smooth Rubberized Exterior Texture and helps in preventing fingerprints, Slipping, Scratches, Drops, Dirt, Smudges and Other Damages.

The case is also easy to install and remove. Moreover, there are rubberized feet and come with a vented bottom for heat dissipation and disbursement.

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6. Mosiso plastic hard case for MacBook Pro M1, Intel i5 

Mosiso plastic hard case 13 inch macbook

Who is not in love with quality cases? More so when it comes with some free stuff. Well, Mosiso’s plastic hard case comes with a display Protector and a computer keyboard cover for the best possible protection for your MacBook Pro. This will ensure that you have multiple protection as well. It fits in very fine and snug and whichever exterior colour you pick, you will like it on your MacBook Pro. Since these are manufactured from sturdy plastic and contain an anti-slip rubber coating, they will surely provide some quality protection.

Mosiso’s three-in-one is perfect for all the Macbooks ranging from 2016 to the 2019 versions, but sadly not the 2020 versions. Pick from over two dozen colours, and get a screen protector and fitting keyboard cover included also.

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7. Thule Vectros MacBook Pro Bumper Case

Thule Vectros MacBook Pro Bumper Case 13 inch

Thule is a famous brand when it comes to ski equipment; however, they have also started to make a name for themselves using their own iPhone and MacBook Pro cases. This protective case from Thule will provide you with great peace of mind because of its durable construction and shock-absorbing capabilities.

You get a robust bumper framework around either side of its clamshell design. The case has a very snug fit and, in a manner, you don’t need to think about it falling off while in transit. To make the deal well worth the price you are paying, the company also provides a free screen guard for your Macbook Pro. The Vectros is among the most excellent MacBook Pro cases and is known well among people that are just concerned about damaging their notebook when commuting or travelling.

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8. TopCase 2-in-1 ultra-slim hardcover

TopCase 2-in-1 ultra-slim hardcover

As the name suggests, it gives 2 in 1 protection for your Macbook. This Is the Best basic and simple case that you can get for your Macbook pro. It can be used for the 2016 to 2019 MacBook Pro versions, and it is also available in all sizes from 13-inch, 15-inch, and 16-inch versions. It is made from hard vinyl but includes a milder rubberized coating, which offers excellent traction, particularly when it’s sitting in your lap. This fantastic standard hardcover. You also get a computer keyboard cover for free.

So, you can also maintain your godly Macbook Pro from the dust that fills up around and inside the keys. It can easily protect your Macbook from basic dents and scratches and will help you to up your game with its good looks. Try this TopCase 2 in 1 ultra-slim hardcover if you are looking for something casual but good looking.

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9. Twelve South BookBook MacBook Pro Case

Twelve South BookBook MacBook Pro Case

Are you a fan of unique designs? Or maybe a Book worm? Well then, this TwelveSouth’s BookBook case is for you. It is excellent for any bibliophile or collector of most odd cases. This leather case does not snap tight like most of the plastic covers and cases, but it is going to nonetheless maintain your MacBook Pro closely in its original leather covers.

When zipped off, the MacBook seems precisely like a classic book, making for a perfect mix of old books and a fresh tech that everyone loves. 

The zipper is known to be a bit tacky, but you can control your computer through the case without any hassle. Thus, this makes it one of the best lightweight MacBook Pro cases on this list.

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10. UAG Plasma Series MacBook Pro 13 Inch Case

UAG Plasma Series MacBook Pro 13 inch case

In case you’re looking for some rugged security, then Urban Armor Gear’s heavy-duty armour casing is one of the best you can get. The tactile non-slip grip will help butter fingers reduce the unwanted drops, while the impact-resistant bumpers around the edges shield Your own MacBook Pro in other cases.

The base of the case is vented for airflow. It is also perfect for people who travel a lot as it will prevent the MacBook from getting unnecessary scratches and dents on the body. If Your own MacBook Pro is exposed to over the typical bumps, you should think about a heavy-duty case similar to this one. 

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Final Verdict:

So those were a couple of the Best MacBook Pro 13 Inch Case. Now go ahead and check them out and see which one is working the best for you. Also before picking up any of the MacBook Pro Case make sure to look at the model number. You can find the model number of your MacBook at the bottom panel. Anyway, if you have any more questions to ask, then feel free to comment below.