The Best Vertical MacBook Stands

The Best Vertical MacBook Stands

If you’re investing in a MacBook, you might as well invest a little extra in a vertical stand to make it look good.

Laptop stands have a pretty simple purpose: flaunting that sleek, vibrant shell. There’s a whole range available, from simple offerings for saving desk space to stands that have more flair to complement the surrounding décor. Considering all the tastes and preferences, we have picked out the best vertical MacBook stands to buy.

Twelve South BookArc

Twelve South BookArc macboo stand - Best Vertical MacBook Stands
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This laptop stand by Twelve South BookArc is for those who want something a little fancier. The specially-made-for MacBook stand keeps your laptop away from all the nasty spills while providing adequate airflow. The elegant arch-shaped stand is crafted from aluminum and comes in two colors – space grey and silver.

Why we recommend

  • Lets you plug to external devices
  • Holds 13’’ to 16’’ MacBooks
  • Looks elegant

OMOTON Desktop Aluminum MacBook Stand

omoton laptop stand - Best Vertical MacBook Stands
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OMOTON’s Aluminum MacBook Stand is well suited for minimalist setups. It holds your MacBook in a silicone matted dock to prevent scratches. The adjustable width fits all kinds of laptops up to 17.3 inches, and the stand has a wide base for extra stability. The MacBook Stand comes in black, silver, rose gold, and grey to match your MacBook.

Why we recommend

  • Fits all kinds of laptops up to 17.3’’
  • Adjustable width
  • Protective silicone mats prevent scratching

HumanCentric Wood Vertical Laptop Stand

macbook stand 2022
Image via Amazon

HumanCentric’s laptop stand is sure to complement your desk, especially for those who like to add a touch of nature to their environment. The black walnut styling is sleek and gives you free access to all your MacBook’s ports for operating in closed clamshell mode. The felt pads lined on the inside of the stand act as a firm hold for your laptop. You can adjust the width by tinkering with the screws at the bottom, too.

Why we recommend

  • Heavy and stable
  • Can hold laptops of 0.5 to 1.5’’ thickness
  • Adjustable width

Bewahly Vertical Laptop Stand

Bewahly Vertical Laptop Stand - Best Vertical MacBook Stands
Image via Amazon

Bewahly’s stand can be used for a range of tablets, laptops, handheld consoles and smartphones thanks to its adjustable width. The aluminum alloy makes it sturdy, stable, and durable. The rubber padding on the inside holds your MacBook firmly, and comes in silver and grey colors.

Why we recommend

  • Adjustable width
  • Laptops between 14mm to 66mm can fit
  • Heavy, stable, and durable

Macally Vertical Laptop Stand for Desk

Macally Vertical Laptop Stand for Desk - Best Vertical Macbook Stands
Image via Amazon

The Macally laptop stand is crafted from SECC steel, making it more durable than many other devices. The material lends itself to a sleek and compact finish, and the base screws can be adjusted to fit the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacBook models from 2016 and beyond.. It has a sturdy base coated with anti-slip rubbers. The inside of the stand has anti-scratch pads, too.

Why we recommend

  • Crafted from SECC Steel
  • Anti-slip rubber base
  • Adjustable screws to support MacBooks from 2016 onwards

JOKItech Aluminum Laptop Vertical Stand

JOKItech Aluminum Laptop Vertical Stand - Best Vertical MacBook Stands
Image via JOKItech

JOKItech’s aluminum stand is quite versatile. It can accommodate a wide range of devices that are between 41.8mm to 7mm. You can adjust the width manually. The stand doubles up as a dock. You can plug in your monitor, keyboard, and mouse easily. Your laptop can breathe easy even when the silicon pads on the inside are clasping it tightly. You can pick from three colors – black, silver, and space grey. The premium finish of the stand will suit any workspace.

Why we recommend

  • Wide range of width
  • Heavy base
  • Premium finish

Make sure you get a stand made from aluminum or other metal alloys to increase it wear and tear. If you dock your MacBook and turn it into a desktop, then go for a stand that allows you to plug in. Finally, to avoid heating issues, look for a stand that provides free passage of air.

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