Best Bike Mount For Apple AirTag

Best Bike Mount For Apple AirTag

One of the best accessories to have is an Apple AirTag. The AirTag makes it easy for you to locate lost Apple devices and even keep up with friends and family while on the go.

A great thing about the AirTag is that they can fit on a backpack, purse, or even a bike mount. If you are looking for an AirTag, we’ve put together a list of the best bike mounts for the Apple AirTag.

Apple AirTag

Credit: Apple

With the Apple AirTag, you can keep track of all of your Apple devices with just a single setup. It’s compatible with your iPhone as well as the iPad. If you lose something, you can simply play a sound to help you locate it thanks to Siri.

Why Do We Recommend?

  • Ease of finding devices as well as keeping up with friends and family
  • Easy setup with iPhone and iPad
  • The airtag offers precision technology that will lead you to your airtag if it’s lost

vlock Bicycle AirTag Label Water Bottle Holder

Credit: vlock

It’s hard not to feel helpless when a bike is stolen. But this AirTag holder by vlock can help with that thanks to the AirTag holder being installed under the bottle cage of the bike. Since it’s under the cage, the AirTag is hard to find and once it’s activated, it can help keep your bike secure.

Why Do We Recommend?

  • Helps protect your bike from theft thanks to being installed underneath the bottle cage
  • The holder keeps the airtag from being visible to potential thieves
  • Easy installation

Device Therapy Bike Mount & Reflector

Credit: Device Therapy

This bike mount by Device Therapy also works as a front and rear reflector. If you want to keep your bike safe, install the airtag to the mount and screw the mount in the back. Once the AirTag is activated through the Find My Network app, you can keep your bike secure.

Why Do We Recommend?

  • The mount works as either a rear or front reflector
  • The airtag is easy to install onto the mount
  • Keep your bike secure once the airtag is activated through the Find My Network app

TOOVREN Airtag Bike Mount


This bike mount by TOOVREN is pretty easy to install. It’s also durable and works with folding bikes as well as e-bikes. The dog collar holder where you can place the airtag is made of silicone so that the AirTag doesn’t lose its signal.

Why Do We Recommend?

  • You can attach the bike mount anywhere
  • Compatible with mountain bikes, ebikes, backpacks and more
  • Easy to install and made of silicone for durability and to prevent loss of signal

MERFUNTO Covered Bike Mount


One of the best features about this bike mount from MERFUNTO is the clever way the AirTag is installed, which is underneath the bike saddle. The tail lights on the side of the bike mount make the AirTag inconspicuous to thieves.

Why Do We Recommend?

  • AirTag is hidden from prying eyes thanks to the unique design
  • The bike mount can be attached to different seatposts
  • The lights on the side of mount hide the AirTag

AirTag Bike Mount Bike Tracker Anti-Theft


This bike mount by IN-COG-NEATO can be attached to any bicycle. There are two screws that hold the mount together. They are spaced to match the water bottle holders. The AirTag fits inside the mount concealing itself while preventing theft.

Why Do We Recommend?

  • The bike mount is waterproof
  • There’s also an anti-theft wrench to it makes it hard to remove the mount
  • This bike mount can go onto any bike

Bike Mount Tube Attachment for AirTag

Credit: iZi

This bike mount tube by iZi has a unique cut-out design that not only fits a bike, but also a scooter. To use, all you need to do is to place the AirTag inside the case, close the lid and round the bicycle tube.

Why Do We Recommend?

  • Compatible with a bike or scooter
  • Flexible, waterproof design
  • Reusable you can zip it as well as tie it up or tie it down

The best AirTag bike mount accessories keep your device safe and are easy to use. As you can see from our list that there are a lot to choose from. All of them are designed to keep your bike safe.

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