Best Portable Car Chargers for MacBook Pro in 2021

Best Car Chargers for MacBook Pro in 2021

Getting a good car charger for you MackBook pro is very necessary. Thus, we have covered the best car chargers for MacBook Pro. Rather than purchasing an adapter to plug in the wall charger, it is very much recommended to purchase a car charger for MacBook Pro that can be used directly with the 12V socket.

You can not only use any USB C charger to charge your MacBook Pro. You certainly want one with USB C PD. The PD stands for power delivery, also it usually means that the charger can provide more power for a MacBook Pro.

best car chargers for macbook pro

Best Car Charges for MacBook Pro

The 13-inch MacBook Pro charger can accept a max of 61W. The 15-inch MacBook Pro charger, on the other hand, can take up to 87W. You need the maximum power with normal chargers, but I have discovered that 45W of electricity is sufficient to keep me moving to add a decent charge along with usage to a MacBook Pro (Even if it is a 15 inch one).

1. 63W MacBook Pro Car Charger

Trianium 63w charger for MacBook

The Trianium MacBook Pro Charger is currently the best charger for MacBook Pro. You can use the USB C for your MacBook Pro or even to fast Charge your own iPhone or Android phones which is good too. The 2nd USB A interface can help you charge one more device with it.

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2. Anker 49.5W PowerDrive Speed

Anker 49.5W PowerDrive Speed Car Charger For MacBook

The Anker Car Charger is one of the best ones for your MacBook Pro. It is a dual-port charger and uses USB C that has 30W that can be used to charge MacBooks and other devices. Another port is a USB Type-A with 19.5W power which is good enough for iPhones and Android. Great thing is that you can also charge your Android or iOS phones with the 30W port.

Anker PowerDriver Rate capable of charging almost any device with USB A or USB C interfaces. In our test, we found that MacBook 2016 Edition could be fully charged in 2hours.

In the same way, the USB-A interface is connected with Anker’s own PowerDrive 2.0 technology that gives the car charger the ability to charge at a faster pace. The Anker dual-port car charger also includes Anker’s Multipotent security system and complete UL certification.

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3. AUKEY 39W USB C PD Car Charger

AUKEY 39W USB C PD Car Charger For Mac

AUKEY PD Car Charger is a 39W adapter using a 27W USB-C interface and a typical USB 2.0 Port. The 27W is good enough if you plan to use it just for your tablets and smartphones. However, even USB-C laptops such as MacBook Pro can be charged too. This USB-C PD Charger takes the help of AUKEY’s proprietary AiPower Adaptive Charging Technology to charge a device according to its fastest speeds. The 2 Amp port is good enough for charging Android phones and iPhones. Give it a try:

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4. CHOETECH 36W USB C Car Charger

CHOETECH 36W USB C Car Charger for MacBook Pro

This CHOETECH Car charger is a 36W charger but it divides the power output between an 18W USB C and a USB A ports. Unlike wall chargers, every port is designed to have a maximum output of up to 18W. Choetech PD Car charger supports rapid charging and is compatible with any device that can be charged with a USB type C or a type-A port.

The ports in this USB C PD car charger use the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. Therefore, Android devices that support it charge up to 4 times quicker than a conventional 18W charger. The voltage outputs supported are 5V/2.4a, 9V/2a, 12V/1.5a.

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5. ZEEHOO 36W USB C Car Charger

ZEEHOO 36W USB C Car Charger For MacBook

If you are looking for a car charger that can support multiple devices, without any issues go with Zeeho’s 36W USB C-type Car Charger. So far as compatibility is concerned, the charger supports all types of USB supported devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android telephones, tablets, and even laptops. Unlike many car chargers, this one also includes a 3.3feet fast-charging USB Type-C cable containing USB Type C connectors in both ends. Which is needed for MacBook Pro. The built-in smart protection safeguards your MacBook Pro from over-current, over-charging, and over-heating.

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6. Zikko 30W USB-C Car Charger For MacBook Pro

Zikko 30W USB-C Car Charger For Mac

Zikko 30W USB-C Car charger is compatible with MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Samsung Galaxy and some other USB powered devices. This is one of the few car chargers that come with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4.0. Well, you can also buy USB-C Power Chargers for MacBook to keep your laptop charged wherever you travel.

There’s also a USB-A port that supports Quick Charge 3.0. The adapter is created from a zinc-aluminum metal that is said to be scratch resistant. If you worry about the compactness, do not. It is very compact as well. The in-built high-tech circuitry provides the necessary protection from short circuits, low and high voltages, overcharging and higher temperature. Thus, If you want to charge multiple devices at the same time with high speeds, this car charger for MacBook Pro will not disappoint.

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7. Choetech 18W USB C 3 Port Car Charger

Choetech 18W USB C 3 Port Car Charger

Sometimes even 2 ports are not enough. I agree. For times like these, you have CHOETECH USB-C charger that includes 3 ports. The only disadvantage is that it is of about 18W only. So, it can’t charge your MacBook as fast as the other chargers on this list would. Other than that, you do not need to worry about damaging your device because of excess current, heat, etc.

There are 2 USB-A vents while another one is a USB-C port. Thus, you can charge all your devices without having to worry about purchasing more chargers. Definitely try it out if you want something when 2 ports are just not enough for you.

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8. 36W Dual Port USB-C Car Charger by Dark Lightning

36W Dual Port USB-C Car Charger by Dark Lightning

This 36W USB C charger guarantees high-speed charging for both iPhone and Android phones such as Google Pixel 3/2/1 and XL. Dark lightning car charger includes both a USB C interface and a USB A port. Also, check out the Car Chargers for iPhone SE that we have shared earlier.

This charger can work with any device with a USB interface if you have the cable with you. The Car PD charger can charge all types of Android tablets and smartphones, iPhones and iPads, GPS, Bluetooth accessories, Nintendo Switch, etc.

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9. AUKEY USB C 33w PD Car Charger for Mac

AUKEY USB C PD Car Charger 33W for Mac

This AUKEY Car charger includes a 5V/3A USB C using an electricity delivery of 15W. There is also a USB A interface which provides up to 18W of power bringing the total to 33W. This charger is certified with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 at around 12V/1.5A.

The Qualcomm Quick Charge technology enables you to charge 4 times quicker than traditional chargers. Obviously, this would require you to have a supported Qualcomm processor also. The adapter can be used with all USB powered devices such as the MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, in addition to Android tablets, tablet computers, and other notebooks. You will find built-in safeguards to protect against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging.

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10. Anker 30W USB-C type Car Charger For MacBook Pro

Anker 30W USB-C type Car Charger for Mac

If you are looking for a compact charger for your MacBook Pro, this 30W Car Charger from Anker is a compact and still is a dual-port charger. Just like the majority of the dual-port chargers mentioned above, there’s a USB Type-C interface and a USB-A interface. Anker’s multi shield safety system ensures your devices are protected against extreme heat, overcharging, etc. The USB C port can have the max power of 18W, along with the 12W charging for the USB A-type port. Must buy as it is one of the best.

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I hope you liked this list of the 10 best car chargers for MacBook Pro. To ensure that you can charge multiple devices at the same time, we have included chargers with Dual ports so that you won’t have anything to worry about later. If you have got any doubts in your head, feel free to comment below and we will help you out as soon as we can.